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In the PERMITS TO BUILD IN YUCATAN section, we explain how the state of Yucatan is organized and what Permits are necessary to build in it, in each type of Construction in which you want to work.


The procedure can be done by the Property Owner or a representative designated by a simple power of attorney signed by the owner in original accompanied by a copy of the official identification of the Owner.

 All Architectural Plans submitted must be signed by a Municipal Building Expert (PCM) including their Registration number.


Then we already know that the Property Owner can do his Procedure or hire a Professional to do so, in both cases the plans of the Architectural Project must be signed each in original including his PCM Registration number.

The PCM charges for its M2 Registration of the Project in question and the cost depends on the type of Architectural Project, the complexity of the Architectural Project and, in general, the Criteria of the Construction Expert.


In general, the process is very simple but time consuming and many times during the process there are simple technical questions, but that only a person with the knowledge of the Project can answer, that is why it is advisable to hire in addition to only the Firm of the Professional, the complete signature service with the procedure included.


Times are variants depending on the type of procedure that is going to be done, but it is important to maintain direct contact with the contracted person and accompany them on at least one of the visits made to the Institution and be aware of what step they are doing and which one is missing


This guide is intended to be an aid to know in a simple way the general context of a Permit Procedure and to be able to follow up on the process that the professional is doing for you. However, it is important to consult the requirements in force in the corresponding agency.


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