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The Contemporary Homes in Merida

In Merida Yucatan and particularly in Merida Architects, homes built around Merida Colonial Centro are growing as much as Homes on the Beach and Colonial Homes in Merida Centro.

Merida Architects is having a huge development of Contemporary Homesand people from the rest of the country establish their business in Merida Architects

Having a house in Merida Architects Became trendy with Mexican from all over Mexico, not only because of the great Educational Level, but also because of the great Health care in the Yucatan.  Only this two points would make any city desirable to live in. But Merida Architects  have a way more to offer!

As we might know already Merida is a very safe city to live in. Life in Merida is calm and life is a little lay back, specially if you live at the beach. Contemporary Homes at the Beach are so good looking and with all the equipment that you could have in a Contemporary Home in Merida Architects.

Architects in Merida are aware of the change that our State is having and create Architecture that compite with the most beautiful homes in the country. Yucatan has the best Architecture  School forming Architects in Merida from all over the Country. We have at least six Architecture Schools and in those schools you found students  from other countries as well that eventually are Architects who stay in Merida to specialized in other parts of Architecture studying their Master


Campus Marista University

Campus Anahuac University

Library UADY Calle 50 x 55 Merida Centro

Entrance Architecture Faculty  

Calle 50 between 59 and 57 Merida Centro

Campus UADY Architecture Faculty

Campus Modelo University

There are several other universities in Yucatan for other carriers, but must of the Architects in Merida got their education in this  Universities. Since this page is not about the schools in Merida but only about the Universities for Architects in Merida, we will give the information about this four universities.

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