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The National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH in Yucatan is located on

Calle 1 Bis between Prol. Paseo de Montejo and Calle 60 Col.Gonzalo Guerrero

To obtain this permission it is necessary to present the following documentation


  1. 5 copies of the Architectural Project signed in original each

  2. INAH format

  3. Property Deeds copy

  4. Owner ID copy

  5. Copy of Representative's ID

  6. Interior and Exterior photographs of the Property





The aforementioned documents are delivered and a copy with the INAH stamp is obtained. This is the proof of your procedure. The time it takes for this process depends on the workload of the review committee.

They make a visit to the property and give you the observations you HAVE to correct so that the procedure can proceed.

When the procedure is approved, they give you a DICTAMEN that is a letter stamped by INAH and the plans you submitted will also be STAMPED

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