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(Licencia de Uso de Suelo)

It refers to the Written Opinion granted by the Municipal Authority to be able to issue the Construction Licenses. As the City of Merida has an Urban Development Plan, it is sectioned or classified by zones, so when you want to obtain a Construction Permit other than a single-family home you must first “REVIEW” if what you want is compatible with the area.

In simple words when you want to apply for a Construction Permit, you are first asked for this document so that you can begin the Construction Permit Procedure, so the Department of Construction Licenses does not find out what requirements you have to qualify since by providing this document you have the certainty which ones to apply.


Then the Merida City Council has three areas in terms of Land Use.

  • Feasibility of Land Use

  • Land Use License for CONSTRUCTION

  • Land Use License for OPERATION


This is the chronological order in which the Land Use Licenses are obtained

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