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Gabriela Cornelio Architect

This home is in Merida old neighborhood La Ermita,  restored by architect in Merida Gabriela Cornelio according to owners desires.

The old house was in very good conservation stage, old pasta tiles in the house were re-use. Natural materials were incorporated such as local limestone in the columns, adobe tiles in the terrace, and local hard wood.





Merida Yucatan Mexico


March 2012

In the old part of the house, we did something extravagant with the roof of old wooden beams, we painted in yellow like the walls. We add a horizontal stripe design in sober and contrasting colors to give warmth to the space due to its great height.

The added part that had the old house, did not have the majesty of the great height of about 5 meters. As it was in very good condition, we kept that part and built a bedroom for guests with a bathroom on the top floor with a private terrace over looking the pool.

Design and built by architect Gabriela C

One of the most obvious design problems in the main bedroom was the adjoining wall that was at an angle, this would create a problem when we accommodate the furniture in the bedroom. Therefore we designed a large niche that framed the bed and at the same time absorbed the unevenness of the wall.

The colors in each space were carefully studied to choose the appropriate one that would coordinate with the carpet of pasta tile floors chosen. In this way we managed to design the harmony of space.

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