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In Merida there are many good, capable and reliable architects. The architectural formation of Yucatan has been vast and floriferous since its inception, the Yucatan School of Architecture has excelled in contests of Mexican architecture in the interior of Mexico and abroad.

Reading the blue prints
The best Architect in Merida Yucatan

However, calling yourself the best architect in Merida would be very subjective, since there are so many styles and varieties of it that depending on the style of your preference you can find so many good architects of the same that it would be very difficult to decide who is the best.

Yucatecan architecture is characterized by its great influence on the style of Las Haciendas; Both Haciendas Henequeneras, as Haciendas dedicated to other agricultural and livestock productions. However, the largest representation of the haciendas is the henequeneras since henequen cultivation predominated in Yucatan for a long period and many other businesses were forged around the Henequen boom.

In Merida Centro we can found homes like this, the flavor of the Colonial Style remain intact
Dinning room in original Hacienda style Home

The haciendas represent the most predominant influence of Yucatecan Architecture, however the inheritance that our Mayan ancestors left us in the work of sculpting the stone, also represents a very strong influence in the region. Our limestone soil provides us with a beautiful stone variation, which we use in our current Yucatecan Architecture.

In this old Mechanic shop now is a great Hacienda Colonial Style home New
Land in the heard of Merida Centro

The Stone in Yucatan became the raw material of Yucatecan Architecture. This is used from the foundation to the decorative elements. Yucatan artisans turn the stone blocks extracted from the quarries of the State of Yucatan into precious pieces of handicrafts such as flying buttresses, plate covers in bathrooms and kitchens, wall and floor coverings, the edges of swimming pools and the beautiful carved stone columns as important as a structural element within the architectural project.

This Home is New, with recreation of Hacienda Style
Arches in Hacienda Style

The Architectural style of the Haciendas has always been an irresistible attraction for the grandeur it projects. Each of the spaces that make up the complex has its own particular beauty when that beauty meets the functionality for which it was created. It is very important that when designing the spaces they are not only beautiful but also functional, that they fulfill the function for which they are created. The Architectural style of the Haciendas is very simple and yet great. The arched corridors with stylized stone columns and wooden beamed ceilings, the central courtyard functions as a distribution axis that connects the social area and the intimate area. The kitchen with its characteristic fireplace that currently serves as a decorative element since in today's kitchens the charcoal stove that was used in the haciendas of the colonial era is not used.

The chimney is the most characteristic feature of the colonial Home
Kitchen in Colonial Home in Merida Centro

Another characteristic feature is the high walls of at least 4 meters. And once again we find stone as a constructive element, the function that this element offers in the walls is not only structural but also of comfort, the stone walls that in Yucatan are known as masonry walls, give freshness to the spaces , they keep each space several degrees below the temperature of the exterior, the thickness of the masonry walls which is generally more than 40cm thick help not only to maintain the freshness of the spaces but also isolate the noise from the exterior, maintaining a cool and calm indoor environment. However the stone masonry walls have to be constantly maintained, the limestone absorbs moisture and this moisture affects the stucco of the walls.

Swimming pool in Merida Centro is complementary and a main feature in the Hacienda Style
Pool in Centro Merida... a refreshing feature

In the Historic Center of the city of Merida, the houses bear traits of the majesty of the Haciendas and most of the characteristics previously described. However, fewer and fewer houses keep these characteristics intact. The Historic Center of the City of Merida has become one of the most beautiful in Mexico and many are caught by the attractions of the state of Yucatan. The architectural beauty of the state of Yucatan is not only an attraction, but also the natural beauty of its beaches.

There are still many houses in the Historic Center of the City of Merida that need to be rescued to preserve the characteristics of the colonial era. But there are also many more houses from recent times that do not have the desired Colonial Architectural characteristics but are located in strategic locations in the Historic Center of the City of Merida.

A mechanical workshop with enough land can comfortably recreate a Hacienda-style house, two small houses can use the land to recreate the style. However, it is of utmost importance to communicate these wishes with the Architect in charge of the design. It is extremely important that the best Architect of Merida is in charge of the project and the Best Architect of Merida is one who understands the style that the client wants to print to the project, it is very important that the client maintain good communication with the Architect. This is why the best Architect in Merida is the one who understands what the client wants but above all, who has enough experience with the style he desires.

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