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Restored Casa 66 in Merida Centro

Casa 66 was in very good condition when it was acquired the Architecture and lay out was a dark and one only color: GREEN! The whole house was painted in this color. and this was holding every one from appreciating the beauty of the building.


Color in architecture is a very strong it could be making you love the place or quiet contrary. So when we choose a color in Calle 66 Colonial Home we were thinking in a peaceful place, inviting ambience, coziness and soft decor. 

     We were working with open rooms and low ceilings we did not have the hight beam ceiling characteristic of the Colonial Architecture. So we did incorporate other elements.

The arches all over the house were in reality beams that were dissimulated with a little decor at the edges. We use it if the ambience of the space allows it. The pasta tiles  in both floors, the living room and dinning room have different design and tone predominantly is brown. Work with brown in the floor it is already a point that many people will scare and will want to replace the floor tiles. But it is important the impact that with have this in the whole budget of your Remodel House in Centro Merida.

One color that was predominant in the Pasta tile work was grey. The entrance floor was green with grey, so we want to shock the view when you open the door. It is important to consider what will be the use in of your house. Knowing that, this house was going to be rented to foreigners from other countries. Then we want to have the impact of MEXICO, and Mexico it is associated to color in Architecture. We choose the vibrant Ruby Red Color, it is a very scary color to work with because could be aggressive.


But the vibrant Ruby Red Color was only use ONCE and that was, we kept the rest of the house in neutral color and we picked the brown from the pasta tiles in floor and brought it to the  walls creating the softness of the ambiance after experience the vibrant of the entrance. We use the color to say: "Welcome!"


Not all spaces has to be in neutral colors if you already use a vibrant color. But if you want to introduce a different color want has to be done is to choose a place where the color doesn't crash with other.

In other words we did use the color soft lavender inside of the studio and you enjoy this color when you open the door. You never see the color  from the social area.

     Combining the lavender with white and grey we again tied to the pasta tile floor that has a touch of lavender in its design.

Again we create a soft  color pallet in the studio. We change color of the doors as well. All the doors were brown and by changing the color to off white we give a better combination with the pasta tile floor and walls color. 

We made the lighting of this space with indirect lighting, add scones and bury the wires in the wall, but we also place direct lighting on the desk directing the lamp towards the desk. Having a Studio is a vacation Rental Home is always a good idea and appreciated by the renters.


Enjoy an evening in a Home in Merida Centro it is always much better around the pool.

   For this we always create a good pool terrace where you could have a dinner table and enjoy a romantic evening. In Casa in Calle 66 we create the terrace out of the kitchen .  We did not have much space to build the pool but we use the whole patio for the pool.

Having a pool in Merida Centro Home it is very import, the size of the pool is the good proportion for swimming . The cement border that we use in Casa in calle 66  it was made with simple concrete wash helping us with slippery around the pool.

Finally we want talk about what we did in the kitchen to create this look of contemporary colonial home in Merida Mexico.

   We decided to have an open kitchen with U shape, an island in two levels  with the sink in it.

  Walls were divide in two have lower part of the wall over the counter top covered with ceramic tiles  in neutral colors and direct lighting to the counter top, creating with this lights a soft mood in the ambiance of the whole space.

  We choose one of the wall as a focal point where we place the hood of the stove . 


The Hood in the Architecture in Merida Centro it is very important and we can shape it into a different design from any architecture type. In this case the shape we choose was more orientated to the architecture french style. And lights inside the Hood is very useful and help with inderect lights of the space.

   This is Casa 66. If you want to create this look in you place contact us!

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